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      Our Story

"In 2013, I met with a church planter recruiter who told me I needed to be in church planting.  I didn't think I was ready at that time.  I talked with a pastor friend in 2014 who, after a series of questions, told me I should be a church planter.  I thought, maybe someday.  In August of 2016, I called a friend of mine who is a pastor in Huntsville and asked him if he knew about any ministry opportunities.  He told me that his presbytery had a vision to plant a church in Scottsboro as there had not been any churches like ours in all of Jackson County.  I must admit that I did not think of myself in the position as I wasn't really looking to plant a church.  But the Lord began to impress upon my heart in the early hours of the morning thoughts about planting a church in Scottsboro.  My thoughts turned to a growing passion and heart for Scottsboro and Jackson County.  I informed my friend of my interest.  I interviewed with the Mission to North America Committee (which has become the Provisional Session).  We came up to Scottsboro for a visit in January 2017 and met some interested people.  We believed the Lord continued to confirm in our hearts that this was His calling for us.  In March 2017, we received a call to plant a church in Scottsboro by the committee who interviewed me, which is a job offer.  We still needed to go through Church Planter Assessment Center through our denomination.  We did this in April 2017 and were given full recommendation.  Our step in the process was being examined by and approved of by Providence Presbytery in May.  We began raising funds in June, sold our home, and moved to Scottsboro with great anticipation.  We have come to love Scottsboro and her people.  We look forward to seeing how God works out His plan to build a PCA church here."                                          Dieter Paulson

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